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Since June 2015 - Vice President Nestlé S.A. Strategic Planner Zone Europe, Middle East, North Africa (EMENA), also in charge of Consumer Engagement and Digital Strategies. 

Reporting to Marco Settembri, Executive Vice President EMENA

Marco SettembriMarco Settembri

Eugenio Simionio - Nestlé Switzerland, Laurent Freixe, Cédric Boehm, Corinne Gabler - Nestlé AustriaEugenio Simionio - Nestlé Switzerland, Laurent Freixe, Cédric Boehm, Corinne Gabler - Nestlé Austria

2012-2015 - Strategic Planner Nestlé Zone Europe and Regional Manager for Switzerland and Austria, based in Vevey, Switzerland


Reporting to Laurent Freixe, Executive Vice President Europe

Specially proud for having contributed to the launch of "Nestlé needs YOUth", Nestlé youth employment initiative and the "Alliance4YOUth" mobilizing 200 companies across Europe to fight youth unemployment.

ENGIE joining the Alliance4YOUth, represented by Chairman & CEO Gérard MestralletENGIE joining the Alliance4YOUth, represented by Chairman & CEO Gérard Mestrallet

Cédric Boehm Country Manager Nestlé SerbiaCédric Boehm Country Manager Nestlé Serbia

2010-2012 Great experience as Country Manager Nestlé Serbia, based in Belgrade. Met wonderful people. Also Business Manager Ice Cream for the Adriatic Region.

Nestlé Adriatic Ice CreamNestlé Adriatic Ice Cream

Started with Nestlé in 2005 as Business Manager Chilled Dairy in charge of Global Category Strategy. Learned a lot with Tom Coley, a 40+ years Nestlé veteran, who gave me my chance.


Banque PictetBanque Pictet

Morgan StanleyMorgan Stanley


2000 to 2004 my time as investment banker. Worked as Sell Side Equity Analyst looking after European Food stocks, first with Pictet in Geneva, then Morgan Stanley in London. Clearly an experience out of my comfort zone, but very grateful to all those who allowed me to make this fascinating experience.


Evian mineral waterEvian mineral water

From 1994 to 2000. Great company with incredible brands and category focus - learned an awful lot.

Built the EVIAN brand in Switzerland to a leader in its category, developed and launched the game changer BADOIT bottle in France, launched ACTIMEL in Poland.

Was fortunate to meet  Tarek Ghandour, then Marketing Director Waters France who helped me along my career with his precious advice.


1991 to 1994

Brand Manager at Knorr Nährmitell AG, back then a division of CPC Europe.

Trust me, there are no such things as commodities!


Swatch GroupSwatch Group

Flik FlakFlik Flak

Started my career in 1988 at Swatch Group, still called SMH back then, as Finance Controller for the newly launched Flik Flak brand. I was privileged to meet exceptional leaders Nick Hayek, Ernst Thomke and Swatch inventor Elmar Mock.

Special thanks to my first managers, Max Vögeli and Nick Engels, who believed in me.

Nick Hayek and Ernst ThomkeNick Hayek and Ernst Thomke

Swatch inventor Elmar MockSwatch inventor Elmar Mock